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Mr. Pramod Kumar Vishwakarma

Regional Coordinator

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Dist Coordinator
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सार्वजनिक सूचना / PUBLIC NOTICE

हम आपसे निवेदन करतें हैं कि सावधान रहें

जालसाजी और फर्जी लोक-लुभावनों के चक्कर में

  फसेंआपको एक साल में ही करोड़ पती बनाने 

का ख्वाब दिखायेंगेंऔर 100 % दावा करेंगे 

ब्लैक बोर्ड और कागजों में  आपको करोड़ पती 

बना भी देंगेजिसमें आप पूरी तरह से भ्रमित भी 

हो जायेंगेऔर  फिर इस तरह इंतजार-इंतजार में 

अपना समय और पैसा

दोनों  बर्बाद करने लगते हैं 

आप अपने भविष्य को स्वयं सुनिश्चित करें I

Registration Process

Student Registration

a.     To get registered, you have to fill the application form provided along with the prospectus. Student can buy the prospectus from only our authorized study centre and take admission in any of our SGCSM Study Centre. Read the prospectus carefully and keep it till you complete your programme to abreast yourself with the Rules & Regulation there in to clear any doubts you get at any time. SGCSM Centre provides all the Basic, Professional, University and other courses run by the Government bodies. All the option must be filled and student can summit there form on our A.S.C.

1 - Submission of application forms

b.      Photo copy of all the required documents (Self Attested) are to be submitted with the application form.

c.       A Student Identification card (ID-Card) will be issued to all the registered students through the study centre at the        beginning of the   course, which has to be carried along within the centre premises.

2- Enclosures with the application form.

a.     Two recent passport size photos are to be pasted in the application form.

b.     Self Attested Photo copy of your last educational qualification.

c.       Category Certificate (ST/SC/Handicapped) to be submitted to get relaxation in the fee as per the SGCSM fee structure.

d.     For the university courses enclosures will required according to the course.

4- Result

a.     Marksheet /Certificate will be dispatched within 20-30 days of receiving answer booklet of the students at the H.O.

5- Academic Rules

a.      Irrespective of age and position, the student is expected to maintain appropriate relation with the management & staff.

b.      The students when asked to meet the management with parent/Guardian should follow the instructions strictly.

c.       The management expects the student’s cooperation while taking any step to ensure a good career path for them.

d.      Students should carry the identity Card endorsed by the H.O. at all times within the centre premises.

e.     Suppression of any information or furnishing any false information by a candidate ill lead to immediate cancellation of      his/her admission at any time. In such case fee paid shall not be refunded.

f.      The Candidature of a student will be cancelled if he/she remains absent for 5 days without prior information.

g.     Course once selected, will not be changed.


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